Cloud-based pavement design software

Rubicon Toolbox is a suite of tools that can greatly increase the productivity of engineers involved with pavement rehabilitation design. Advanced tools such as Monte Carlo Simulation and Finite Elements can enhance the depth and scope of pavement analysis and design calculations.

Design Reports

Rubicon Toolbox makes it easy to get your design assumptions into documents using clear schematic layouts and graphical reports

Failure Criteria

Rubicon Toolbox allows you to define your own failure criteria using one of 20 known equation formats

Pre-defined Materials

Speed up the design process by creating and then re-using your own pre-defined materials

Data Viewer

Use the Data Viewer tool to create complex strip maps that combine textual and numeric data, including filtering and batch creation features

Linear Elastic Design

Linear Layered Elastic Design outputs are shown in a neat, easy to understand report. Copy and paste reports directly into your design documentation

Backcalculation Tools

FWD backcalculation can be done in manual or automated modes. Manual mode allows full control over backcalculation process

DCP Analysis Tool

The Dynamic Cone Penetrometer analysis tool allows you to find layer interfaces and automatically calculate penetration rates and CBRs for each layer

Manage Your Data

The Windows Explorer-like project manager allows you to create your own project and structure your data as needed for different tools

Our Clients

First released in 2001, Rubicon Toolbox is now a mature and reliable line-of-business application. Rubicon Toolbox is currently used by more than 100 companies in 16 countries. Our clients represent world-class consultants, researchers and contractors across the globe.

Clients Feedback

Rubicon gives me a great sense of confidence when using it as design software. We benchmark our major pavement designs within an international group of practitioners using a range of software, and Rubicon is seen as the de-facto reference standard. - Dr Stephen Emery (Kubu Australia Pty Ltd)
I use the pavement analysis tools extensively for rehabilitation projects and have yet to come across a scenario that cannot be managed quickly and efficiently with this software, especially when it comes to dealing with load set-ups for something out of the ordinary. - Dave Collings (Member, UCD Technology/Loudon International)
The most wonderful thing about Rubicon Toolbox, as the name suggests, is the holistic approach to Pavement Engineering. A toolbox that allows me to analyse various forms of pavement data, run pavement designs, and present all findings on a single stripmap. The software is simply a dream for a Pavement Engineer. - Tumelo Thothela (Aurecon Group)
Software packages are an essential part of being successful as a consulting engineer. When it comes to road pavement engineering, we at KBK Engineers exclusively make use of the Rubicon Suite of programs to do all our design and assessment work. We have scanned the market and in our opinion one has to look no further. - N.J.J. Jooste (KBK Engineers (Pty) Ltd)
Rubicon has clearly been designed by practitioners who use it in consulting practice. It is very powerful and can rapidly handle multiple sets of input data, but is still easy enough to use. It is oriented to the consulting engineer, with outputs that are clear, great graphics, and excellent for direct use in reports. - Dr Stephen Emery (Kubu Australia Pty Ltd)

Training Courses

We offer one and two day workshops dealing with the use of Rubicon Toolbox in the context of pavement rehabilitation design. These workshops greatly enhance the value that our clients get from the use of Rubicon Toolbox. For a list of training venues and forthcoming training workshops, click the link below.